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Behavioural economics: the Kylie Minogue of market research

Do you remember those catchy tunes from the late 1980s? I Should Be So Lucky ?  The Locomotion ? The first time you heard them they were quite fun, memorable even. But then they got more airplay. And more. And more. Radio stations figured out that the sugary, bubbly popness of the tunes would cut through a lot of background noise and get your attention, so they played them again and again. Soon we had Got To Be Certain , and Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi , which were exactly the same as the first two songs. Then a "strategic inter-agency collaboration" with Jason Donovan on Especially For You . ( Jason looks a bit less lifelike in this alternative version) . After a short interlude in late 1989, another number 1 with Tears On My Pillow , which was meant to be more sophisticated but was equally artificial, overproduced and in fact just the same old song as I Should Be So Lucky . By this time anyone who wasn't a 13-year-old girl was thoroughly sick of Miss Minogue, who wasn'