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Catching up on 2013

I didn't intend to stop posting on here when I started my tour. But things overtook me. Here's a summary of what some of them were:

My book, The Psychology of Price, came out. You should buy it!I started a new business, The Irrational Agency, with a business partner. We've taken the ideas of behavioural economics into the market research and marketing worlds, and tried to go a bit deeper than some of the agencies who appear to have based their behavioural services on reading the first half of Predictably Irrational. We've developed a decision process model (based on some ideas regular readers might have seen on here last year) and been lucky enough to work with some quite cool clients to apply it.I developed my theory of cognitive microfoundations a bit further. It's now primarily based on information processing and attention, informed by a range of empirical decision-making work and on some theoretical work from the likes of Payne, Bettman and Johnson and the adap…