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Catching up on 2013

I didn't intend to stop posting on here when I started my tour . But things overtook me. Here's a summary of what some of them were: My book, The Psychology of Price , came out. You should buy it! I started a new business, The Irrational Agency , with a business partner. We've taken the ideas of behavioural economics into the market research and marketing worlds, and tried to go a bit deeper than some of the agencies who appear to have based their behavioural services on reading the first half of Predictably Irrational . We've developed a decision process model (based on some ideas regular readers might have seen on here last year) and been lucky enough to work with some quite cool clients to apply it. I developed my theory of cognitive microfoundations a bit further. It's now primarily based on information processing and attention, informed by a range of empirical decision-making work and on some theoretical work from the likes of  Payne, Bettman and Johnson