Behavioural economics links

Notes and some videos on what sounds like a brilliant course at Edge last year on behavioural economics, with Thaler, Kahneman and Mullainathan as speakers - and just look at the attendees!

Thoughts from Felix Salmon (also click through to the more detailed Wine Economics article he references) about one of my favourite subjects: how cognitive biases influence our willingness-to-pay for wine.

Useful comments from Charles Goodhart in the FT about the money multiplier - I suggest you read this as preparation for an article I'm writing on self-fulfilling expectations and the money supply.

Mark Thoma's link to Paul de Grauwe's paper, "Top-down versus bottom-up macroeconomics" [PDF] which says some powerful things about limitations on knowledge and the consequences for rational expectations theory.

And Steve Randy Waldman's Interfluidity blog has moved - updated link in the right-hand column and here.


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