Please vote for us and help a charity

My company Inon, which applies behavioural economics to help our clients set the right pricing strategy, has been nominated for the Smarta 100 - the top innovative businesses in London.

If we win, our £10,000 prize will be donated to charity - please leave a comment if you would like to nominate your preferred charity as one of the recipients.

If you'd like to support us and your chosen charity, please click here and vote for us. You'll need to register but it only takes a few seconds.

Thanks for your support - we have reached 20th in the rankings and it seems like we might have a chance if you can help spread the word.


Raphele said…
Hi the charity I would like to vote for is Sweet Dreams Our Angels. This is a charity that supplies memory boxes to hospitals for the parents who suffer the pain of still births and neonatal death. The memory boxes contain such special and thoughtful keepsakes for the parents and baby. These are all put together by people who have lost a child too. This charity could really do with the funds as they are newly registered and need to raise as much awareness as possible to be able to keep the hospitals supplied.
They also give out great support, and have a facebook page and website all to help families who have had a baby die.

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