Zeitgeist analysis, 3 May 2009

After missmarketcrash's excellent and poetic analysis last week, I am back again.

And as a side-effect of having a guest writer, there's a new feature this week: you can see the full list of word movements at this link if you want to do some analysis for yourself.

Top new entry this week, of course, is flu at number 183 - with swine backing it up at 339.

Democrats at 875 and Republican at 530 are also new - along with party at 335, Specter at 624 and Senate at 657. It seems that Specter's leaving the Republican party is bigger news than his joining the Democrats.

No movements of real interest at the top of the chart - money is up seven to 14, economy up five to 17, and banks down 12 to 24. A little further down though, business, policy and system are all up, with think, energy, gas, carbon and oil all down.

Investment is up, consumption down (though consumer is up massively - probably associated with new entry confidence). Output, GDP and employment are up, but so is unemployment.

Number survey: million is up five, billion down 22 and trillion down 200. For some reason the number 100 shows up as a new entry at 352 and the word numbers itself is at 368.

Companies and people: GM down 128 places, Chrysler up 296, and AIG back in the charts at 593. Obama up 76 (and President up 54), Specter at 624 as mentioned

And some notable movements: bankruptcy up 228 places, securities, firms and run all up two hundred or more, and court up over six hundred! Either there's lots of basketball going on or someone's following Chrysler into Chapter 11.


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