Five things I'm thinking right now

I found a meme from some game designer friends and acquaintances who have posted "Five things I'm thinking right now": Alice, Dan, Kim and dwlt [Update: Also Ian, Matt, Ben and Hilary]. I've deliberately not read their lists yet, so as not to bias my own thoughts.

  1. Another three hours of TV tonight - all entertaining enough, some of it informative, and I can even justify half of it for work. But it is cognitively poisonous. It consumes the energy of attention that could have been channelled into some long-term objective. Thinking is quite hard work, and my curiosity means that silence calls me into thought. Therefore, I resist silence. TV, or even background music, occupies that curiosity with minor mental stimulations which prevent me having to actually think. They make life comfortable, but not constructive. In fact, I believe that TV, like twitter or Facebook, is literally addictive in exactly the same cognitive sense that cigarettes or alcohol are.
  2. I could have been asleep for two hours by now. Why have I wasted that rare chance?
  3. Mmm, beer. I don't even like Stella Artois but their adverts are very tempting.
  4. Why are Meg and Chris in Family Guy such cyphers? Especially Meg. The show isn't even really about Peter, for that matter. Brian and Stewie seem to be the only people we can identify with.
  5. I wonder how important it is that I post a new blog item every day. If this one's anything to go by, more important than posting anything good.

Right... I've read their lists. I think I might have missed the point a bit. Well, it would be intellectually dishonest to rewrite history now, right? And come on guys, were you really thinking all those things right now when you wrote that post?

Anyway, editing this would take time and effort. Instead, I could just distract that curiosity impulse by reading some other people's blogs. Apparently I have not learned my lesson.


dwlt said…
I quite like your list, actually. I was tempted to include a food related item, but figured that wouldn't be a surprise to anyone who knows me :-)

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