Some cognitive/behavioural/neuro links

  1. Me, very briefly, on BBC Radio 4's Moneybox ( My bit is around 16:20, but do listen to the whole report by Ruth Alexander from 13:10 or so. The subject: the psychology of pound shops...
  2. I hadn't seen the Neurokuz blog before - Marginal Revolution links to a summary of an experiment on extrinsic versus intrinsic rewards. I'm rarely convinced that there's much to learn from neuroeconomic experiments, but this does show that by focusing purely on the single dimension of reward (presumably dopamine?) we can make cognitive or mind-level distinctions between people who outwardly behave the same.
  3. What does the price of a pint say about a pub?


Re #3: Thinking out the price of drinks reminds me of an article I read quite a while ago in Taki's Magazine entitled "The Subtle Art of Exclusion".

Unfortunately, they seem to have taken it down, and I can only find a reprint (although it is accurate) on an ultra-racist message board, so please disregard the surrounding content, the article itself is quite good.

The Subtle Art of Seclusion

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