A new team member and new plans

Hello, today it’s not Leigh posting, but me, Tara, his new colleague! I’ve recently started working for Inon and with Leigh on his cognitive economics work. I’ll be writing content on cognitive economics, spreading the word about cognitive economics to both academic and general audiences and also organising events around cognitive economics. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and also fill you in on some exciting events on cognitive economics coming up.

All cards on the table - my background is not in economics or psychology. I actually studied English Literature in my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. However, I’ve always been passionate about spreading new ideas, working in an interdisciplinary fashion and writing. In my professional work for the past few years, I’ve been programming events for two cultural institutions. I started working with Leigh in early September and it’s been a real pleasure learning and writing about this new discipline. 

The first three cognitive economics projects I’m working on with Leigh are:

So what are we planning for each of these events?

The Cognitive Economics session at the AEA will take place in Atlanta, USA on Sunday 6 January 2019 at 8-10am. Having a session purely on cognitive economics at the conference speaks to the growing interest in this burgeoning field. The four papers being presented draw together a number of academics from across the world who are keen to further the research and knowledge of cognitive economics to other academics. The abstracts for the papers can be found here.  

Outside of the cognitive economics session, a group of academics along with Leigh will be discussing the future developments and potential aims for the cognitive economics field. These conversations should have a direct impact on our thinking for the further two projects, we are working on - two cognitive economic workshops later in 2019.

Part of creating a momentum and solidifying ideas around a new field is providing spaces to think, debate and discuss ideas with peers and colleagues. This need for deeper conversation sparked the idea of having two cognitive economic workshops in 2019 - one in the USA and one in Europe - that would bring together the various pockets of economists and psychologists interested and working in cognitive economics. We’d like to go beyond the standard conference format and make these workshops much more interactive in order to help move the field forward concretely. 

There is much to confirm in terms of exact dates, locations and partners for the events. But we are confident that the workshops will help stimulate some positive movement in the cognitive economics field that should be of interest to readers and individuals in the behavioural sciences and economics more widely. More information on each event will be posted in due course.

And one last thought - keep an eye on the blog for further posts by me that will specifically focus on explaining cognitive economics to non-experts.



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