“Mysterious psycho-logic”, the “Nudge Unit” and irrational humans: tune in to Leigh Caldwell and Rory Sutherland on BBC Radio 4's show Thought Cages

“Mysterious psycho-logic”, the “Nudge Unit” and irrational humans - Leigh explores cognitive and behavioural economics and science with Rory Sutherland on BBC Radio 4’s show Thought Cages today and on Friday.

Tune in at 13:45 today to hear Leigh discussing behavioural and cognitive economics on Thought Cage’s next episode: Instinct Before Logic: The Postbox at the O2. During this episode, Rory and Leigh will be exploring why reason is no longer used to persuade us to change our behaviour, showing what the “Nudge Unit” of the UK government is and explaining all about behavioural science. 

Tune in to BBC Radio 4 live at 13:45, or listen to the episode on BBC iPlayer afterwards here.

If you can’t catch today’s episode, make sure you listen out for Leigh and Rory again this Friday at 13:45. Looking in more depth at the traditional shopping experience, this episode - The Sachet in the Pot Noodle - will reveal how behavioural and cognitive science is changing the future of retail.

You can listen live on BBC Radio 4 on Friday 30 November at 13:45, or tune in to the episode afterwards on BBC iPlayer here.

Thought Cages is Rory Sutherland’s new show, where he explores a selection of fresh, intriguing and iconoclastic ideas.

In other news, if you didn't catch Leigh's profile, thoughts on cognitive economics and economic blog recommendations on Inomics, make sure you check it out here!

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