Stunning Obama September numbers

The Barack Obama campaign had already let it be known that September was their best month so far... beating the $66 million raised in August.

Some rumours said over $100 million - others thought that $80-85 million was a reasonable number based on the rate of growth from July to August. One clue was that in certain states Obama was outspending McCain by a 3-1 margin - which, considering the RNC's $80 million advantage over the DNC at the end of August, seemed surprising. Well, the answer has just come out in a video, emailed to Obama's mailing list.

The total sum is over $150 million. I thought the leaks might be underplaying it a bit, but not by this much. This includes 632,000 new donors and the average contribution was $86. Amazing figures. This election gets more extreme every day - what a great spectacle American democracy is.

The DNC also raised $49 million compared to the RNC's $77 million (no doubt including some money that might have gone to McCain had he not opted into public financing).

Apparently the Obama campaign has already bought so much TV time that it is having difficulty booking any more ad slots. This is why they have bought half an hour of prime time network TV a few nights before election day, and David Plouffe in the video talks about combatting the McCain campaign's robocalls - so perhaps that is somewhere the money can be spent. Maybe some of it will be donated to the financial sector bailout.


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