Europe swamped by 0.007% increase in population

The BBC reports that:
Nearly 37,000 immigrants landed on Italian shores last year, an increase of about 75% on the year before.
This increase means that last year's invasion - making up 0.004% of the EU's population - has leapt to an overwhelming 0.007%.

Clearly this army of economic refugees must be stopped. Otherwise Europe's carefully designed demographic timebomb will be accidentally defused. Instead of declining by 9.4% in the next 25 years, Europe's population will fall by only 9.2%. If they're not careful, European countries may actually be able to pay some of their pension commitments.

The question the BBC has to ask itself is not: what should we do about this incoming flood of one immigrant for every 13,480 Europeans? It's not even: why are you publishing ridiculous stories like this? After all, the BBC covers plenty of ridiculous stories.

The question that matters is: why do you bring attention to the laughable opinions of Nick Griffin? Just let the guy shout himself hoarse in the wilderness and in five more years we'll be rid of him.


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