An open letter to Tyler Cowen (or his publishers)

Dear Tyler

I'm very much looking forward to reading Create Your Own Economy and even more encouraged by your offer on the blog today.

And yet I have a dilemma. It seems that it won't be published in the UK until September (not in fact, as per, last February). I can order it now from Amazon US, but the estimated delivery time is 18-32 business days - which might take me nearly up to the UK publication date anyway. Unless I pay more for priority courier service than the price of the book. And that option - even if it still generates positive consumer surplus - just doesn't feel right.

On the other hand, I can buy the CD version which is available in the UK and get it delivered next week. Or I can get an audio version online - but that isn't downloadable until Tuesday 14th.

And anyway, either of the audio editions will take longer to consume than the hardcover version. I am pretty sure I can read faster than Patrick Lawlor can speak. Not as long, admittedly, as waiting till the middle of August; but I really would rather consume the book with my eyes than my ears.

I even looked into buying a Kindle so I could download it on that - but Kindles are not available in the UK either.

The only downloadable "Create Your Own Economy" I could find is not the one I want at all.

What is a British Tyler fan to do? I am keen to create my own economy but it seems that there are some real barriers to gathering, slicing or ordering the digital information I need to do so. Maybe someone should write a book about that.

Warm regards,

p.s. (I would normally label this an "Update" but seeing as this is notionally a letter...) Thanks for the tip missmarketcrash - I went back onto Amazon and have now managed to find a Marketplace seller (the_book_depository) who can deliver it to me in about a week. Click here to try them out.


missmarketcrash said…
I just ordered it again from my first order placed months ago disappeared completely from my account. I reordered it, and says they will deliver between the 22nd and 28th of july...

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