Worrying, bizarre defences of corruption

Robert Peston's article today is about the potential for BAE to be prosecuted over alleged bribery.

The article itself is interesting but the reader comments are what staggers me.

Page after page of comments passionately defend the corruption. "It's just the way things are done"..."do you really think the French and Germans don't do this?"..."it's not as if they were bribing British officials, but foreign ones, which is how you do business in these places".

You need to get through 23 comments defending BAE before finding a single one condemning illegal and immoral actions that hurt millions of desperately poor third world citizens (well done to DrDelbert, PorterRockwell and a few others for having a bit of integrity).

I am left wondering if this is really how the majority of Peston's readers feel...or is it, in fact, an organised campaign?


Anonymous said…
Sadly the majority of the world is financially corrupt and morally bankrupt. I would suggest that the Third World would benefit from a return to colonial government except that Uncle Sam and his bum boys invaded Iraq to gain control of the oil supply which shows the USA and UK are both unfit for self government, let alone colonial.

Reform of the electoral laws in the West to stop half-wits, lunatics, psychopaths and the willfully ignorant from voting or standing for office might help. But I can't govern the entire planet all on my own.

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