UK economics blog rankings

With the imminent release of an 'Economy' category on the Wikio blog ranking site, it may be time for me to update my list of UK economics blogs. I hadn't even heard of a few of Wikio's top 20 (though as Richard Murphy points out at that link, some of them aren't really about economics).

I'm pleased to be on the list and especially flattered by Paul Mason's comment here. Paul is perhaps the black sheep of the BBC's three main economics bloggers and all the more interesting for it, so I'm very pleased to hear he is a reader.

The most surprising omission for me is Stumbling and Mumbling - Chris is one of the best economics analysts in the UK blog scene. And I'd have expected to see Tim Worstall on there, for his traffic levels and profile at least. They both seem to be listed under Politics instead.

Congratulations to everyone on the list and I look forward to some friendly rivalry with you all in moving up the rankings.

Update: By my count, I've moved one place up the rankings already. Amusingly, the Economist's Free Exchange blog is in the list twice, once at number 3 and once at number 12. It's an excellent blog, but I think two listings is a bit much. So I'll omit the second listing and declare myself moved up one place to number 16.


chris said…
Thanks for those kind words.
Apart from you and the Geary guys, that list is either the profesionals or rubbish. I'm glad not to be on it. It just strengthens my contempt for these ranking exercises.

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