"As compulsory as possible"

Boris is, as always, the most entertaining man on the political circuit.

This morning he contradicted official Tory policy by saying that the "citizen service" scheme for 16-year-olds should be compulsory and not voluntary.

Presumably he's been slapped down by Conservative Central Office, so he has now clarified the position:
London Mayor Boris Johnson has clarified his earlier comment, in which he said the National Citizen Service for teenagers should be compulsory - at odds with his party's plan for a voluntary scheme. He told me he believes the National Citizen Service should be as compulsory as you can possibly make it without "cheesing people off", the BBC's Carole Walker says.
I hope the Conservatives are going to take this approach with all their new laws. If they do raise VAT, freeze public sector pay or restrict welfare benefits, I look forward to being able to exempt myself from the rules by getting "cheesed off".


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