missmarketcrash's zeitgeist analysis, 26 April 2009

A behind the scenes look at the words that appear in the cloud generation list, but, get lost in translation is a privilege only the word cloud analyst has.  Hello, it is me, Missmarketcrash, guest blogger, looking behind that curtain.  What a great private tour in the land of Leigh and his lofty cloud generator data lists I've had.   Being far less analytical than Leigh, I was wandering around in the data in awe, marveling at its peculiarities.  Here is what I found in the backroom.

Looking closely, "Bush" is hiding out with 92 mentions.  Tied at 92 with "Bush" are "security" "programs""happen".  I can almost hear the quote.  "Chinese" also is lurking off the edges of the picture generated.  At 96, the "Chinese" are accompanied by  "carry" "failure" "gets" "bear" also at 96.  At 94, "Thinking", is in good company with "earnings""profits""falling".  At 181, "human" stands next to "reserve""process""problems""possible".  "Thing" and "idea" stand together at 181.  At 82, "everything" "long-term" "lack" "forecast".  At 81, "Zero" "risks""sometimes" "require""individual""events".  "Fact" stands alone at 297.  It all reads like some kind of giant e e cummings poem to me.

With that, here is a mock-poem using this weeks word cloud words.  If Leigh were my teacher, I'd likely be the class clown who ought to be punished for data mockery.  And bad poetry.

bad, bad bad.
exactly and actually in form
overall a huge common response
to zero looking at itself
international risk
two years two
my green nothing
rising largest across
increasing huge existing
pretty society with liquidity failed
yesterdays trend question play open known feel
nearly indeed
goes certain actual something and everything reasons again.


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