The G29?

I am very curious why, at the G20 summit, there are 29 people at the table.

The WTO, UN, IMF and World Bank are not members of course, but the EU is, and that's still 25.

I thought inflation was not supposed to be a danger this year.
Update: missmarketcrash has a nicer version of the table layout on her blog. She is much more aesthetically aware than I (or Sky). However, whoever has put this display together has renamed our Prime Minister as "The Rt Hon Brown MP". Everyone else gets both their names (or all five, in the case of the Brazilian President).
Also an intriguing note on diplomatic protocol (endlessly fascinating, isn't it?): Mirek Topolanek is first the President of the European Council and only in brackets is he Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. Would this have happened if recent Czech political events had gone differently?


missmarketcrash said…
awe thanks for the mention - i was too ill to write or read last week so the blog went visual...i ought to have credited the diagram but lost where i had found it in my feverish haze...

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