Second top

The new rankings are out, and Knowing and Making has moved up to number 65 (based on visitors) and 68 (based on page views).

In the UK, we are now the second most popular economics blog, behind Tim Worstall.

The BBC and FT blogs do not publish their stats in this directory (Willem Buiter is on there but it's his pre-FT blog address), so it's likely that Stephanomics, Undercover Economist and Economist's Forum are ahead too - but we are definitely in the top ten.

Thanks for all your visits over the last year, and if we can get ahead of Tim Worstall by the summer I'll buy you all a drink*.

* Offer limited to those who turn up in the pub and collect it


missmarketcrash said…
yes-- but where is Chillicothe??? ;)

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