Music, love and numbers from Marginal Revolution

Happy birthday to Tyler Cowen, prime mover behind the Marginal Revolution blog (sorry Alex, but you just don't post as often).

In honour of Tyler and MR, clearly the emperor of economics blogs, here are a few recent pages which I discovered via his targeted link-collecting.

Unlike Tyler I think this research gets to the heart of exactly why music works psychologically. I don't know the UCL or Goldsmiths people involved, but will try and find out if they work with my friends from the Judgment and Decision Making seminar.

He also links to an interesting post from okcupid, a site I am (ahem) familiar with.

And this fascinating if tenuous link about number sounds, from the Barking Up the Wrong Tree blog which I hadn't seen before, also comes via him.

Finally, you can't go far wrong by picking and reading a random article from MR and thinking through the conclusions (though Tyler has usually done that for you too, which is a pretty efficient use of scarce cognitive resources). Here's the top article right now, the fascinating: "Why is there so little money in US politics?" Update: This may possibly disprove my theory in my second-most-popular posting ever: "How much SHOULD Blagojevich have asked for?"


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