Behavioural economics, industry specials

I'm on a deadline for a magazine article today so I'm not going to write much.

But a heads up on some articles coming up in the near future. I plan to write a series of analyses of individual industries from a cognitive/behavioural point of view and would welcome suggestions on which sectors to pick.

Current plans are:

  • Market research
  • PR
  • Accounting & auditing
All of these are industries which, in a neoclassical world of pure rational preferences and perfect information, would have no reason to exist. But because the world is not like that, they do.

For each one I'll be exploring which aspects of bounded rationality give the industry a reason to exist, and what this means for practitioners in the field and the way they do business.

Suggestions for other sectors or disciplines you'd like me to cover? Email me or post a comment here.


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