Oddities in the media

I'm stretching a point to make an economic connection on this post, but Nick Rowe has had a couple of items recently relating to infinity.

This news item, on the other hand, evokes a much more potent image:
He said his design means patients can have their modesty covered but still allow medics immediate access through clever "entrance points" in the gown.
"It's infinitely dignified, yet practical. And Velcro doesn't enter into the equation."

While we're on the BBC news website, take a look at the new regulatory powers now available to soap opera actors:

Finally while researching a previous posting, I came across this gem:
Senior sources at the FT have confirmed that the group is in discussions with a number of payment processor companies to establish a simple "one-lick" procedure that would enable consumers to pay a small fee for single articles that would otherwise be available only to subscribers.
I can't wait for that micropayments system to be available. Is the lick my payment or part of what I'm buying?


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