The Virgilio Anderson Project

28th July 2009: Happy birthday to Virgilio Anderson. We hope that your serene Facebook nature will be restored to us soon.

: Virgilio Anderson has disappeared from Facebook. We are urgently investigating - more news later...

Fans of Robert LePage and Richard Herring (there must be one of you out there) may enjoy The Virgilio Anderson Project, in which Herring attempts to steal Virgilio Anderson's identity in return for Anderson having taken his.

His name on Facebook, that is.

The real Richard Herring explains all on the page linked above. Please do not get the wrong idea from the imagery of the page - the moustache thing is an experiment...well, just read it, that is all explained too.

Update 1: Thanks to Virgilio I have had a good couple of hundred thousand people come to this page this week. So I think it's worth adding a little more content. Why don't you answer some of the questions posed by Richard in his column:
  1. Is Paul Sheppard the new Virgilio Anderson?
  2. When is Virgilio Anderson going to paint the rest of his house? Has he left just one pink bit after doing the rest brown, or is it vice versa?
  3. If that house is as abandoned as it claims to be, who took that picture?
Since Wikipedia isn't allowing Virgilio his own page yet, you can use the comments section of this one to accumulate information about him. Facts or non-falsifiable assertions only, please - unless they're especially funny.

Update 2: More light on the Virgilio Anderson secret may be shed by this picture. If you're on twitter, please retweet "Who is #virgilioanderson" and see if the tag can become a trending topic. And if you think Virgilio Anderson should be forced to reveal his identity, his second home expenses and the reasons behind his decision to go to war, please sign the petition at

Update 3: I and a number of others including the Acting Head of Virgilian Research Paul Sheppard, are now Virgilio's Facebook friends and you can see some of the discoveries in the comments below. Thanks to the other intrepid commenters on this post: new research being conducted on Loot (you might need to visit another page on the Loot site then go back to that one). Also some intriguing pictures spotted around the place: here, here and my favourite here.

I think the Macedonia, Ohio hometown is a red herring (to coin a phrase) - probably because Facebook didn't have the correct Macedonian town in its database. Virgilio is a member of the group "The Former Turkish Republic Of Greece" which I think is quite a good joke against the politics of country naming - see here for a bit more history. In any case it seems a good indication that he really is Macedonian. Or North Macedonian. Or something. I don't want to get into trouble with my many Greek readers.

There are 37 people in the United States Census called Virgilio Anderson.

Update 4: Richard has returned to the theme in today's Warming Up entry. In other news, Paul Sheppard and I intended to register but we missed the boat by a few minutes. We do have and and a website will be up soon. Unless you're the owner of and would like to work together with us - we would be happy to join forces. I say that blithely, as if I have authority to speak for Paul Sheppard as well as myself. But after all I do have his username on facebook...(not really)

Update 5: Thanks to Adam in the comments for his offer - I'll be in touch.

Meanwhile I have been investigating from a different direction. I had the idea that Richard Herring might be a real person in Macedonia - which might make a little more sense than Virgilio stealing our Richard's name. A Google for "Richard Herring" and Macedonia produces tons of results but none seem to be quite right. There is an Richard Herring, economics professor, who wrote an analysis of international banking systems - possibly including Macedonia's - but that was 25 years ago. However while searching, I came across this very odd little story [also with prequel - by ZombieSlayer54 from here]...

Update 6: Virgilio Anderson websites sprouting up as we speak...currently waiting for DNS servers to update and will publish the addresses here soon. In the meantime have a listen to

Update 7:

Update 8: Who is Anderson Virgilio?

Update 9: The websites are up:, and an excellent posting at the Virgilio blog.

Update 10: Order your Virgilio Anderson t-shirts at Go Faster Stripe [no longer available - 90 shirts were ordered including seven small men (no Snow White jokes please), one small woman and two extra large women - and are being printed as a limited edition.]

Update 11: Find out if you are Virgilio Anderson at the Virgilio Anderson Quiz.

Update 12: The zenith of Virgiliism so far:

Update 13: The question "Who is Virgilio Anderson?" is answered - accurately or not, you must judge for yourself - here.

Update 14: Super Detective Paul Sheppard has discovered that Virgilio has vanished from Facebook. A memorial service is to be held next week. Please buy all his records this week.


cottonfactor said…
good website... i am Paul Sheppard and i can confirm i am not Virgilio Anderson, but theres times i wish i was Virgilio Anderson.

He lives in the Battenburg House!
Anonymous said…
Concerned people are signing this petition!

rev mickey finn said…
We're falling in to the trap of assuming the fellow on the right of the picture is Virgilio Anderson. Perhaps he's just passing by, and the big pink square is in fact Virgilio Anderson.
simbn said…
Googled Macedonia, Anderson and facebook and found a Mark Anderson in the Macedonia network. He's also on twitter as Marku85 ... perhaps someone could ask if he knows of a Virgilio Anderson. I see a possible, maybe family resemblance but then again there's probably no connection whatsoever. Either way, sorry for any trouble caused.
Anonymous said…
Virgilio Anderson has been described as mature, responsible and patient guy. He's a really easy person to get a long with. Head games are totally not his thing. He's currently studying architecture. He's very fond of uniquely constructed buildings. He also likes walking in the rain and hearing the raindrops hitting the sidewalk.
Anonymous said…
More details from his facebook page -
simbn said…
Doh, of course, Macedonia Ohio. Best leave Marku85 alone.
Jeanette said…
Perhaps this LOOT advert will help track him down:

PS Paul - that is a great Battenburg House comment, which is why I used it in the petition. Hope you don't mind.
Jeanette said…
That Virgilio's certainly been getting about:

cottonfactor said…
Jeanette, thats no problem at all, Virgilio has enough Battenburg to go round....
Anonymous said…
if you'd like to play with

I've no objection


Jeanette said…
Perhaps Richard Herring, architect at Perkins + Will, is the epitome of
Macedonian planning knowledge & a role-model to hard-working student
Virgilio Anderson:
Jeanette said…
Previous post didn't work, trying link again:

(he's in their Atlanta Planning Dept.)
Jeanette said…
Are Head Games Totally Not Your Thing? Take the 'Who Is Virgilio Anderson?' Personality Test:
Leigh Caldwell said…
Thanks Jeanette. I put the link into the main post (with a slight correction).

If you want to make the links clickable in your comments, you can enter them like this:

<a href=""></a>
Murray said…
Excellent Virgilio coverage. I have added this to the campaign:

All the best
Jeanette said…
Virgilio Anderson got a good mention earlier today on Jon Holmes's 6music radio show, at around 15:10.

Listen again here when they put the show up (until 18/7):

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