Alan Duncan: the British Art Laffer

In a bizarre Art Laffer-like incident today, Alan Duncan reminded us of the good old days when all Tories were mad.

In the midst of a number of other infelicities, widely reported in left and right wing newspapers nationwide, Duncan said of the House of Commons:
Basically, it's being nationalised.
Now I am spoiled by my choice of targets. I have:
  • American economists who think that the government doesn't run Medicare
  • American financial journalists who argue that Stephen Hawking would have been left to die by the NHS if he'd been British (which he, er, is)
  • A British MP who thinks - and is willing to admit - that the House of Commons used to be a private company
Republicans must be terrified that, if Obama gets his way, they are going to end up with a publicly owned government. Thank goodness free enterprise still reigns in that branch of the economy.


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