Misreadings and readings

When the following post from Mark Thoma came up in my RSS feed:
for some reason I first parsed "Corn" as the verb in the sentence. I don't know quite why my brain responded that way...I am not sure what corning would be, and as for a "reality prick"?

A few other links before I go out for the evening:
  • Mark's contribution to the Lucas roundtable at the Economist (do click through to see the other articles, including Tyler Cowen who seems to be getting good at identifying a nice balance point at the fulcrum of many economic debates)
  • Richard Thaler's FT article (one of many on the EMH in the last few weeks)
  • Another EMH discussion - excerpted from John Quiggin's forthcoming book - at Crooked Timber
  • What looks like a fascinating book by Kenneth Arrow (h/t Paul Krugman)
  • The "Cripes" growth model from Worthwhile Canadian Initiative. A very neat idea and entertainingly written but I think it misses some countervailing pressures which act against growth, more or less assuming that the tendency towards size must always dominate
  • I thought I would have more comments to make on this FT article, What is the point of economists? But I don't find myself with much to say. I liked Paul de Grauwe's contribution.
  • Me quoted by Christopher Swann at Reuters
  • When I try to view this image in Google Chrome, and it can't find the NYTimes server, it does its usual clever trick of trying to parse the URL into a search query in Google. Perhaps Google has some new Irish programmers: it interprets "freakonomics" as "Freak O'Nomics"
Have a lovely evening, no doubt I'll speak to you tomorrow.


missmarketcrash said…
Freak O'Nomics is perfect. Thanks for that -

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