Sunday, 14 March 2010

Gender norms in the gym

I went on a day pass to a new gym today. One of those gyms where the lockers are secured with the members' own padlocks instead of with built-in locks.

As expected, the men's changing rooms were full of padlocked lockers. It didn't occur to me that there could be any other way.

Turns out, as I discovered later, the women's lockers are not secured at all. Perhaps one locker in the whole room had a padlock. The rest just live on trust.

Are men more likely to steal things? Or do men just not trust one another? Who's being irrational here? Readers who attend a gym are invited to report back the results from their own establishment. Just in case, probably best not to say which gym you're in.

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Kevin Denny said...

In the gyms that I am aware of, in Ireland, there is equal use of locks i.e. 100%.