Gender norms in the gym

I went on a day pass to a new gym today. One of those gyms where the lockers are secured with the members' own padlocks instead of with built-in locks.

As expected, the men's changing rooms were full of padlocked lockers. It didn't occur to me that there could be any other way.

Turns out, as I discovered later, the women's lockers are not secured at all. Perhaps one locker in the whole room had a padlock. The rest just live on trust.

Are men more likely to steal things? Or do men just not trust one another? Who's being irrational here? Readers who attend a gym are invited to report back the results from their own establishment. Just in case, probably best not to say which gym you're in.


Kevin Denny said…
In the gyms that I am aware of, in Ireland, there is equal use of locks i.e. 100%.

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