Forced to close!

According to this article, a pub in Plymouth has been "forced to close". How terrible! What kind of totalitarian regime must they have there which forces pubs to close?

Well,'s not quite like that:
The pub, the third oldest in Plymouth, was losing £4,500 a month, according to landlords Clive and Gillian Philpott.
"People were still coming in but they weren't drinking as much," said Clive, who sacrificed £200,000 of his own money to try to keep the business afloat.
"We used to take around £1,800 to £2,000 on a Friday or Saturday night. Saturday just gone we took about £75," said Clive.
And after a dismal trade on Mothering Sunday which saw the business take just £300 in food and drink combined, the couple decided to cut their losses. "We kept believing it would pick up but it didn't," said Clive.
Perhaps "pub forced to close" is not the right phrase after all. How about "pub owners are unable to attract customers and eventually give up"?

I guess it's a natural cognitive bias to feel that life should somehow be fair, and that any disappointment or failure is the direct consequence of an identifiable external cause. But that is only true in stories.


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