Links for 23 March 2009

I don't often do link lists but they seem to be quite the thing for bloggers. Here's one:
  1. Tim Harford's article in Forbes about what credit does to our brains.
  2. A clear and simple model showing one way to think about toxic bank assets from Mark Thoma
  3. The US is following the UK again: the administration has a plan to improve small business access to credit, just like Alistair Darling; a guest post on Econbrowser has some interesting microeconomic analysis of the rationale.
  4. Nick Rowe is always good value: here is a discussion of how liquidity can be factored into the value of a financial (or other) asset.
  5. A very nice summary (PDF) from Tyler Cowen of different definitions of rationality used in economics (somewhat technical, so you'll need a bit of economics vocabulary, but not much mathematics)
That will do for now. Given the results of this week's zeitgeist, perhaps I should include something about AIG. But I find it difficult to care.


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