Live blogging: The Apprentice

As regular readers know, one of the subjects of this blog is what is it to be rational: understanding how people's real behaviour departs from traditional economic notions of rationality.

And as regular viewers know, there's nowhere else you'll see the displays of irrationality that show up on The Apprentice every week (for US and other overseas readers, the British edition of the show is starting tonight).

So I'm going to give a running commentary on The Apprentice each episode, to point out where the contestants are irrational, to show where Sir Alan is, and to highlight ways in which an understanding of irrational behaviour would enhance the teams' chances of winning the tasks. And I'll try and have a bit of fun too. Nearly everyone on the programme is eminently mockable.

Come back at 9 pm and reload every few minutes to see the latest comments. Please post your own responses too or email with your input. Let me know if it's not for publication.

To list all episodes, click on The Apprentice tag.


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